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Postgraduate Program in Hospital

S.No. Title Student's Name Advisor
1 Report on A Roadmap to Implement Mobile Based Application for Customer Relationship Management Ajay Dubey DR.Sarala
2 Report on : A Study to Determine the Capacity Utilization, Life cycle Costing and Equipment Audit of Biomedical Equipments Present in the Radiology Department Ankita Sinha Dr. Femida Visnegarwala
3 Report On Inpatient Medication Administration Anjali Bajpai Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta
4 Report on Standardizing Preauthorization Requests for MedicalCare Aparna Dr. Sarala
5 Project Report on Comparison and Analysis of Cost of Preventive Health Checkup Packages Amit Khokhar Dr. Priya Thomas
6 Report On Client Feedback Tracking System Apurva Dhole Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta
7 Patient Satisfactionin OPDs in a Multi Specialty Arshiya Thakral Dr. KK Sharan
8 Report on Opportunity Mapping for Healthcare IT in India At Dell International Hitesh Mehta Dr. Sreenath Reddy
9 Report on To Assess the Impact of Inaccurate Pre-Authorization Forms Jini Alias Dr. Sreenath Reddy
10 Report on Awareness of Needle Stick injury Among the HealthCare Workers Kajal Satyavraty Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta
11 Report on Departmental Audit Cycle Analysis Kusum Priti Lakra Dr. Usha Manjunath
12 Project Report on Departmental Manual Formation Based on NABH Guidelines & Patient Safety Audit-PAN Max Rupali Chopra Dr. Usha Manjunath
13 Standardization of Tariff Format Soujanya K. Dr. Veena
14 Analysis of Operational Efficiency For Out-Patient department, Radiology Department and pharmacy With The Help of Observed Parameters Neha Khanduja Dr. Reshmi. R S
15 Analysis of Operastional Efficiency For Out-Patient department,Radiology Department and pharmacy With The Help of Observed Parameters Pragnya Patnaik Dr. V.N Srivastava
16 Report on Feasibility Study for a Cardiology Hospital. Pune Mayru Shetty Dr. Femida Visnegarwala
17 Hospital Management System: implementation & Product development Deepam Dighekar Dr. Femida Visnegarwala
18 Implementation of EHR and Training of Staff at RECOUP Phusiotherapy Rupam Kumari Dr. K K Sharan
19 Opportunity Mapping for Healthcare IT in middle East Countries Shrishti Agarwal Dr. Priya Thomas
20 Patient Satisfaction Analysis & SOPs Sumeet S. Pardeshi Dr. K K Sharan
21 Performance Assesment of Vision Centers with Pre and Post Training Assessment Ishangi Dadaji Nimgade Dr. Sarala Raju
22 Strategic Business Plan Suresh Singh Dr. Reshmi
23 Project on Marketing Strategies,Professional Sales Delivery and End-User Implementation of Charak -A Modern and Comprehensive HIS System for Modern Hospitals Varun Mishra Dr. Reshmi
24 Relationship between work motivation and job satisfaction Priyanka Sanga Dr. Sarala Raju
25 Required manpower on Obstetrics and Gynecology OPD & WARD Nidhi Gupta Dr. Priya Thomas
26 Single Specialty Hospital Planning Asif Pasha Dr. Usha Manjunath
27 Trends and Patterns in Cashless Hospitalization Hina Dayal Dr. Usha Manjunath
28 Trends and Patterns in Cashless Hospitalization Hina Dayal Dr. Usha Manjunath
29 Study on knowledge and Awareness among ICU nurses on Infection control and Formulation of infection control handbook for nurses Venkat Theja B Dr. Sreenath Reddy
30 To study the knowledge and Attitude of Nursing Paramedical Staff Regarding NABH Accredition and gap Analysis Shweta Sahu Dr. V.N Srivastava
31 Business Development and Revenue Generation Ratnesh pandey Dr. Usha Manjunath
32 Implementation of EHR and training of staff at RECOUP Physiotherapy centre Sowmyashree S. Dr. Priya Thomas
33 Patient satisfaction towards OPD services, a descriptive study Anushree Surin Dr. Usha Manjunath
34 SOP Manual for Vikram Hospital Mallika M. Adiga Dr. Usha Manjunath